What price a Weather Forecast ?

Getting wet, getting lost, getting wet again, our hero is at it once more.  And such a magnificent sun before breakfast!  The day didn’t finish at the more usual time of 10pm though, we have no idea how much earlier his return was, undoubtedly it must have been congratulations all round.  I do wish he would tell us the names of his cycling companions it is so frustrating to have just friends and no names.

Dealing with Heat

The heat today seems to have verged on the oppressive.  Charlie frequently refers to the sun beating down on his bare head and it is interesting to reflect that in those days men invariably wore headgear, a flat cap being considered desirable.

Actually that view persisted for years afterwards, because my parents suggested a flat cap for me to go with my first cape in the 1950’s.  (A real pity as I looked so much better in a so’wester!).  Apart from a woolly hand knitted cap for winter wear in the mountains, I have never worn headgear since, although my wife recently talked me into buying an umbrella – not for use on a bike of course!