Beeston Castle once more !

Today, we get not just a tour of Beeston Castle, but more of a potted history.   For one thing it does not look like your average castle, it is completely different in appearance, and it is not located near a town in which it could be used to save or shelter the inhabitants.

However, you can visit the Castle today, or any other day, without fear of being attacked, I am glad to say that we are living in more settled times.


Charlie gives us a good laugh today.  For this evening run in the height of Spring, he mentions returning along traffic laden roads.  I cannot imagine where all this traffic came from, but it could only have been a microcosm of today’s traffic.  If only we were all like Charlie – he didn’t buy his first car until the late 1960’s, and if we all did without cars until retirement approached – in an ideal world – look how traffic volumes would dwindle to almost nothing !

Gawsworth and Congleton

Talking to cows – one aspect of cycling down narrow lanes !  And an interesting aside after teatime, not before, it was so terribly hot, off came their collars and ties.  Blimey – it must have been hot.  I am glad we never had to wear collars and ties when I started cycling in the 1950’s.

One other thing I can confirm the accuracy of Charlie’s observational skills, when he says “Nobody can appreciate the beauties of the bylanes in Cheshire until they have seen them”.  Correct.