Catch up Sketches (11)

You will really enjoy the page connected to this post.  With a word count of 4350 it will take quite some time to digest.  It is a Saturday evening and Sunday ride in Wales which appears to have a magical effect on our friends.  They certainly lapped it up anyway.  And in Charlie’s longer articles you always get a taste of history and this weekend is no different in that respect.  Apart from writing, our Charlie was quite well read and informed.

Lead from the Front – not Charlie !

As the run leader today Charlie tells them where to make for, for lunch, and then does a runner – or that is how it comes across.  Well they do all meet up again at the lunch rendezvous.  And yet another very descriptive day.  But he has me foxed, because he goes on about leading a run – today I rather thought – but when you get to the next entry you will find it there – next Sunday !   So best forget this Post headline, I think it does not apply, for today at least.

Mine Host does not meet the Criteria

Charlie’s friend Tom Idle met up in Northwich in the morning as arranged, but having contracted a very bad head cold wished to be excused from the day’s cycling.  (I seem to remember that all you could get in those days for a cold were Beecham’s Powders, which came in individual paper wrappers, which you had to unfold and sprinkle the elusive white powder contents into a cup of hot water.  Now we have whole industries churning out cold remedies).  But he had a very rewarding day in the Cheshire Lanes, and employed some slippery footwork in the matter of ordering lunch for the cycle run on the following Sunday.

Website Information !

As most of you readers will know, I am a one man band, and there are times when the website itself can be a challenge, especially such as now when WordPress have changed things to make life so much more complicated for simple souls such as I.

Does anyone have any special skills that I could call upon for WordPress help?  The problem is linking Post pages to Pages of material, because the ‘Help’ button on the website tells you how to fix my problem by clicking on the ‘Get Shortlink’ button, except that my problem has occurred because they have completely removed the Get Shortlink button.  Very frustrating.

Whilst I am at it, it would help me enormously to get some idea of how many readers regularly look at the website.  Is it 10, or 100 or a 1,000 ?  Please take the time to email me at  ‘’   however briefly, so that I can serve you better in the future.

The Longest Page Ever

The page to which you will connect when you click the link will take you to the longest day entry you will have ever seen, I am sure.  Charlie cannot start a new Year book without a long dissertation on his thoughts for the coming year and a comparison of the year just gone.  But he does manage to cover 18 miles as a compensation for his literary endeavour.

You will also see a Poem called the Song of the Open Road, which somehow I don’t think it was written by Charlie but I cannot be sure.  I have enquired of a cycling Poet, (a friend of mine whose expertise I value), and there is a poem in existence with that name, but with much different words, so I don’t know what to think.  I just don’t feel it is in Charlie’s style.  Any comments welcome.