A Very Busy Day !

Charlie and Tom Idle had a very busy day and were rewarded with the most excellent views from the top of Alderley Edge.  After lunch another hill, ‘The Cloud’ was topped (never visited by me – Ed).  Charlie tells us that places sixty miles away were easily seen with much detail via Tom’s binoculars.  Then the main objective, Little Moreton Hall, or Moreton Old Hall was visited and Charlie does literally a guide book description.

You will notice, I hope, a new development on the site, I am on the cusp of being able to insert in the ‘Page’ which follows, copies of Charlie’s original illustrations.  As he was only just beginning to see himself as an illustrator, these drawings you will come across occasionally, are the start of a life long ability to portray the scenes he enjoyed so much.

I have managed to scan and copy onto the Webpage Charlie’s ‘advert’ for Moreton Hall painstakingly written for what purpose I know not.  That was Charlie all over  !!

It is now a National Trust property, quite unpretentious, and well worth a visit.  Do go !

Tribulations of a Runs Leader

Charlie was very satisfied with the turnout for his run to Vale Royal.  Unfortunately it all went a bit sour in the evening as you will see, and we will never learn whether they returned home in one bunch or in dribs.  Some of them might have succumbed to an over consumption of Blackberries !

You will also see my first attempt to copy one of Charlie’s sketches in his journal onto the Website.  There are some technical aspects I have to sort out but expect more pics as the weeks go by.  Only a few entries have a sketch attached in the early journals, so don’t expect too much !

Learners Day Today

Charlie has a learner out with him today, a likely recruit for the CTC we are told.  Anxious to demonstrate the beauties of Cheshire, Charlie covers more ground than just checking out the route for his run-leading this coming Sunday.  What a pity that Charlie so rarely reveals the names of his companions in his earlier cycling career, preventing us from recording the progress of his recruits !

Foolish or Mad ?

Let us first consider where we left our hero yesterday after a concerning day in Cheshire. His chain was failing.  He does get it fixed but is latish home, and then cannot sleep, so he is once more on his bike at something after 2am.  Ah well, Youth !

But what a wonderful day it all leads to, worthwhile to a fault.  His description of the day extends to almost 1500 words, which is a lot, but when you read it you realise that it could not have been shortened.  Enough said, read on…