Charlie Chadwick’s website.

As the custodian of Charlie Chadwick’s journals and drawings, etc, it has been a privilege to put on this website much material – well, almost all of it to be truthful.

Apart from serialising the text from the four books I have been able to publish, with the kind help of the Veteran Cycle Club (VCC), I have been able to find much to put on this website.  Obviously, if people have made the effort and purchased the books themselves, it is not fair, I think, to then make it available for free on the website.

So this notice is to advise that the cupboard is empty, there is nothing new to publish and that whilst the website will be kept open for researchers and the like, all of Charlie’s material is being deposited at the Warwick University archive, when I can find my way through the fog of Covid to take all the records to them.  They sit here awaiting transport.

To some extent time has run out for Charlie, and is fast running out for me as well.  I have enjoyed it all immensely but now into my 80’s I have health problems and am going to hang up my editorial pen and take a well earned retirement.

Goodbye to you all, I really have enjoyed every moment.             David Warner