Repairing Great Budworth Church

Charlie spends a smashing day in the Cheshire Lanes with his chum Tom Idle.  It must have been a day without rain as rain is never mentioned.  And I do like his description of old churches such as the one at Great Budworth.

Page 2 of Charlie’s main photo album is titled “The Earliest Days with Tom – The Summer of 1923”    In it is written  “We met at Betws-y-Coed on Easter Saturday night, March 31, 1923, concluded our tour together, and a casual acquaintanceship quickly ripened into firm friendship.  The comradeship was perfect, and all sufficient.  Others, equally welcome, sometimes joined us, at times we travelled alone, but alone or in company our regard has never, or never will, diminish”.

No Motor-Bikes Please

Starting out from Morecambe with his Father, who is riding his small motor-bike, Charlie cycles as far as Hornby, but the noise of the motor-bike was annoying Charlie, so a parting of the ways and Charlie puts in quite a ride, culminating in a visit to Malham Tarn.

Later, taking tea in Bolton by Bowland, he finds the village Church and the nearby Sawley Abbey of great interest.  Then the longish ride home, much of it in the dark, which Charlie always claims to enjoy.

Morecambe or Bust

Told you – I was correct !  Mr and Mrs Chadwick are away on holiday – at Morecambe. And where does our hero – after some small adventures – turn up in the evening, but Morecambe.  I feel for those parents of Charlie’s – they must have felt like they couldn’t shake him off.  Every time they went away, grinning Charlie is close behind !

Southport was not Exciting Enough !

Well we have certainly read extensively about Charlie’s bike and today is yet another saga.  You would not get a crank straightened on a Saturday evening anywhere in Britain these days.  And to break the pedal spindle whilst performing the above operation suggests a good vice and a lot of muscle power or leverage.

Then we read of drying their wet clothes.  And considering the date (1st of September) it all looks like Mr and Mrs Chadwick were not at home, I think the family were enjoying their September holidays !