Tuesday is always Tuesday

This was a very uneventful Tuesday evening ride, so uneventful that even Charlie has nothing to say.  Well nothing that is worth repeating or adding to his text.  Incidentally, did I ever tell you that despite Charlie’s literary triumphs over the years, he never could get the spelling of Tuesday correct.  So sorry, Charlie, for allowing me to put the ‘u’ and the ‘e’ in the correct order for you !

The ‘Haunted Tunnel’ no less

Charlie’s hanging about today because it was raining isn’t the case because he comes across workmen deliberately setting the moors around Belmont on fire.  Perhaps with it being a Monday – Washing Day – he was getting under his Mother’s feet, and was perhaps offered enough money to cycle out somewhere and buy his tea at the Unicorn in Walton le Dale.

After darkness fell our hero decides to tackle the ‘Haunted Tunnel’ with, it has to be said, great composure.

Charlie meets a ‘Gentleman of the Road’

How Charlie was bested by a Tramp.  Knowing how parsimonious Charlie was – from necessity I agree – it is interesting to read that a Tramp could get the better of him, but apparently it was so.  One never sees true tramps these days, they used to be quite common.  I suppose they are all encouraged to live in institutions these days for their own Health and Safety.

Directions – What Directions !!

Typical Charlie, starting off at 2.30pm for an 8 hour ride !  He doesn’t know the location of the teaplace etc etc, but waits around in Alderley and sure enough another club member eventually appears, with the knowledge, and all is well.

And now, in 2015, I actually know motorists who are incapable of driving anywhere without first setting their satnavs.  What children are the general populace becoming !!

Recuperating from a heavy cold our Hero ventures out…

This was a Saturday afternoon ride and I think our readers need a little enlightening as to why Wilmslow is such an attraction for Charlie’s un-named friend and why so often they go there.  Simple.  His friend had found a girlfriend.

The other aspect of Charlie was that his parents had a big say in what he did – no starting out on the bike if it was raining hard, for instance, and I suspect that his cycling was another casualty when it came to him having a heavy cold.