Friday, May 11 – Over the Moors

Starting at 7pm tonight, I pushed to the Three Pigeons Inn where I was to meet one chap.  The wind was terribly strong.  I waited in vain for twenty minutes and as he did not turn up I went on up Belmont road alone.  Besides having the wind against me, it was bitingly cold, but a grand night and the views were magnificent from the road.  Reaching Belmont I started to walk up the steep road over the moors.   After two miles I reached the highest point, 1062ft and started to drop down towards the lakes.  Twisting and turning along a bad road I came to Upper Anglezarke lake (reservoir) and the road took me across the bridges to above the lower lake.  With the roaring of a waterfall in my ears I came to the village of Rivington and then, gliding between two more lakes, joined the Chorley road for Horwich.  Stopping at a Temperance Bar awhile I started back, and with a gale behind me reached home in record time – 9.30pm.   Tomorrow is the Century run and with this wind it will be a harder task than is imagined – well it may drop.  If not, well we will try.                                    Distance 30 miles   Time 2.5 hours

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