Crown Lane or Tanners Brow?

As Blackrod was the place that I was brought up I am all too familiar with those hills. Interestingly Charlie describes the steepest of those as Crown Lane but that is not a name that I have ever heard used for it. As far as I know its name has always been Station Road, not least because it leads to Blackrod Railway Station. But to me, and to everyone else living in Blackrod, this hill is known as Tanners Brow !

I would certainly agree with Charlie’s assessment and call it suicidal for cyclists – although whether he intended that to refer to the ascent or descent he doesn’t make quite clear. I know that, thankfully, I could always manage to find an alternative route.

On the other hand the long drag up into Horwich was, and still is, called Crown Lane – because The Crown Hotel is situated at the top.

Looking down Tanner's Brow towards HorwichThis is the view looking down Station Road (Tanners Brow) – its quite steep, and in the left upper distance you will see the straight Crown Lane heading towards the Crown Hotel in Horwich.

Overdue re-vamp of ‘The Books’

This section of the website has been overdue for a refresh for some considerable time now – but at long last I’ve been able to get to it. Highlights are

  • Separate pages for each of the volumes one and two
  • Updated the cover image for volume 1 – now uses the image from the 2nd Edition
Unfortunately I am still in negotiation with David about what information it might be possible to ‘leak’ to you about the work that is currently in hand for volumes three and four – so I’ve had to hold those pages back for now. However, I can tell you that work is well in hand and I hope to have some more news for you soon.

Winter ’14 publishing schedule

Here is this winter’s publishing schedule

  • October 5 – 10 July 1922, Manchester Ship Canal
  • October 12 – 13 July 1922, Flixton and Urmston
  • October 19 – 15 July 1922, Castle Mill
  • October 26 – 17 July 1922, Warburton
  • November 2 – 22 July 1922, Thelwall and Lymm
  • November 9 – 27 July 1922, Bolton Moors
  • November 19 – 30 July 1922, Northeast Cheshire
  • November 23 – 5 August 1922, Sale and Baguley
  • November 30 – 13 August 1922, Boothstown and Blackrod
  • December 7 – 19 August 1922, Chelford and Knutsford
  • December 14 – 20 August 1922, Culcheth
  • December 23 – 26 August 1922, Llangollen
  • December 28 – 27 August 1922, Langollen to Bolton

Revitalising the website

It is good to have David back from his summer travels. It means that we can find the time to sit down together again (albeit separated by almost 200 miles) and do some proper planning for the next developments of the website – and some much needed maintenance!

My plan is to try and keep you updated, through this channel, of what you have to look forward to over the coming weeks and months. I hope that you will find what we have planned for you as exciting as we do. Here are some of the headlines, but I’ll also add other posts to fill in some of the detail as well.

  • We are currently working our way through a backlog of items from 1922 – see a forthcoming post from David on this
  • The ‘Book” pages are currently undergoing a revamp, not least to take into the fact there are now two volumes with the third well on its way
  • Opening up a whole new ‘regional’ area of the website – see another post from David on the rationale for this

As always we welcome your feedback so please don’t be shy. You can tell us what you think by clicking on the reply button below.

Some insight on Charlie’s early writing

In a recent email from David he dropped in these comments

I know the current releases are short and scrappy in the main, but that is because Charlie was just getting into his stride as a teenager. It is almost behind us now …

Charlie’s output for his first year of keeping a journal was a total of 34 pages. 1923 a total of 93 pages 1924 a total of 167 pages including his first efforts at sketching. 1925 comes to 260 pages!

Lots of material and none of those years contain articles scheduled for Books.

Our dedicated band of followers may only be small but I hope that this whets your appetite and keeps you looking forward to what is to come in the future.

Autumn Schedule notification

I have just received details from David of the articles that will be released over the next couple of months and I wanted to share these with you now.

I haven’t had a chance to look through this list yet to see if there is an underlying theme. Maybe you can spot one, or maybe David will let us in on it in due course.

Lets get things moving again

Even the least observant of our readers will have noticed that there has been a dearth of activity on this site for some months now. This is purely down to me and for that you have my apologies. The pressures of a new job have been something of a constraint on my time but with some first gentle, and then some less subtle, prompting from David, I am hoping to re-energise myself and start to put some new material out to further broaden your insight into the world of Charlie Chadwick.

In the meantime, however, David has been very active and I know that he has a few announcements to make in the near future – so watch this space.

As ever, offers of assistance from anyone who would like to get involved in this project and/or to help Charlie to reach a wider audience would be very much appreciated

In the meantime your patience (or should I say long-suffering) is much appreciated. So, “Lets get things moving again!”

Testing the new Slide Scanner

A significant aspect of the Charlie Chadwick archive are the 4,000-5,000 colour transparencies that are currently stored in David’s loft. We have been pondering how best to deal with these and finally we concluded that probably it would be worth our while to invest in a Slide Scanner.

Fortunately a friend had passed on some back copies of PhotoPlus, one of which contained a review of scanners and in the end I was happy to go with their recommendation of the Canon CS5600F Film Scanner. Even better when I was able to pick this up for just £102 from Although there was a small delay getting the order fulfilled – even though you can virtually see the main Dabs warehouse from David’s house – it was recently delivered and although I haven’t yet seen it in operation David seems to be getting the hang of it. The first slide to be scanned is one of Atherton House.

Many of the slides are in poor condition and many of the mounts are rather dirty so it remains to be seen how many of them will be useful to us. The other thing, of course, is that the transparencies come from a different part of Charlie’s life (i.e. post-war) as opposed to his writing and drawing (predominantly from the twenties) so in many ways it seems unlikely that they will be suitable to illustrate Charlie’s stories.