Easter 1926 in North Wales

06-1e Album One06-1b Album One06-1a Album OneCharlie comments:  Glorious weather – for Easter.  Very little traffic, cyclists predominantly.  The Bwlch Y Groes Pass was still taboo to ordinary motors. We had difficulty getting accommodation due to B & B’s not yet open for the Spring.  The top picture was taken en route at the Pentre Foelas public water tap.

Two Pages of Lincolnshire

05-1c Album One05-1b Album OneThe last05-1d Album One picture is of the very well known Boston Stump (as it is known), a church tower of unusual shape.  If there is a history, I don’t know it.  But Charlie writes:  In visiting Lincolnshire, Tom Idle is paying tribute to all his anticedents.  About the ancient port of Boston, sunken to the status of a a quaint old market town with a magnificent church, to which direct family ties were strong.  Fishtoft Church where Tom’s parents were married was also visited.  Now comes the interesting bit.  Charlie never visited Boston as his detailed log book confirms.  And I think Charlie inserted these pictures by Tom out of interest.  It may run a little deeper than that.  Tom always seemed to have more money than Charlie, so perhaps in those early days Charlie ‘borrowed’ Tom’s camera  !!

05-1a Album One

In July 1928

The left hand picture, hard to see, is the entrance to Beeston Cas02-1c Album Onetle.  The picture on the right was taken on the road between Great Budworth and High Legh, all on the same date.  The picture below was obviously a camp site in Delamere Forest, but not Charlie’s, he didn’t start camping until years later.

04-1c Album One

Early Days with Tom Idle

02-1b Album OneTwo more pictures follow here taken at the same Easter weekend, of Swallow Falls and one of Tom slouching against the handrail on the path to Miners Bridge.  Charlie did write in his photo album years later the following:

“We met at Betws-Y-Coed on Easter Saturday night, March 31, 1923 and concluded our tour together, and a casual aquaintanceship  quickly ripened into firm friendship.  The comradeship was perfect and all sufficient.  Others, equally welcome, sometimes joined us, at times we travelled alone, but alone or in company our regard has never, or never will, diminish”.

Rather phrophetic words for such a young man, but that was their relationship at the time.  This website is struggling for material and many photographs are untitled, so if I insert no comments, it will be because there are none !!


First Meeting with Tom Idle

02-1a Album OneThis is the first picture of Charlie Chadwick and Tom Idle we have ever seen.  They first met on this Easter Weekend in 1923 at a B & B near to Betws Y Coed and immediately hit if off.  Their interests were similar and neither had like minded friends who loved the countryside as much as they did.  Tom Idle is a thread that ran through Charlie’s life for quite a few years until it all ended when Tom decided to get married in 1931.