Rivington Pike at Night

This short run, carried out in the depth of night, mostly on unlit roads and tracks on a very dark and scary landscaped hillside all combined with poor bicycle lights made a perfect time to have a puncture 1200 feet above sea level.  The bungalow referred to was built by Lord Leverhulme, (a native of Bolton) some years earlier when he developed the gardens on the east side of the reservoir – all can be seen from my bedroom window.

Despite being permanently staffed by servants this very large and luxury bungalow (at which dances were held) burnt to the ground one winters night some years later.  The grounds have been open to the public for free for many years, and are a very popular leisure rendezvous.  Incidentally, Lord Leverhulme’s great wealth came from the family business, Lever Brothers, makers in those days of Fairy Soap amongst other products.

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