A day out in Mitton

The route taken today is one of the most scenic in Lancashire, and has many attractions.   The paper mill weir at Roach Bridge is mentioned and deserves a comment.  The paper mill had been on this isolated site for many years (rumoured to have been a cotton mill even earlier), and it only ceased trading in 2001, 78 years after being mentioned in despatches by Charlie.  It is now an industrial estate.

I can also commend the village of Chipping to any tourists, it also has one of the narrowest of streets, how the bus gets through I do not know.  A terrific café caters for cyclists and walkers, and is highly recommended also.

The reference to Pendle Hill brings to mind the memories of the Lancashire Witches who lived in the small villages to the East of Pendle Hill, and who were tried at the Assizes held at Lancaster Castle from  where they were publicly hanged after being found guilty.  The last public hanging of witches in Britain.  ‘The Lancashire Witches’, by William Harrison Ainsworth is the most definitive account and has been in continuous print since originally published many years ago.

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