Monday, March 5 – Rivington Pike

Starting at 7.30 tonight, I discovered two of the ‘Boys’ waiting at Albert road, and by 8pm another joined us, the Humorist.  Speeding up Chorley New road we reached the Millstone, and turning right climbed the steep hill to the Anglezarke road.  Coming to Rivington village, we had a good tramp up to the moors where our optimist punctured.  Of course he couldn’t be serious, and as we repaired it, near the Bungalow, (1200ft up) he gave us a few choice jokes.  Then we started downhill, giving any chance passer by an exhibition in fast pedalling (fixed wheel).  At the Crown Hotel at Horwich I discovered a flat tyre, but after pumping it up a few times I managed most of the way home, repairing it when I was but half a mile from home.  Arrived back about 10.30pm.  Wonderful luck.

22 miles, 3 hours