A Summer Evening’s Run

Charlie speaks of turning right along his route at the Unicorn Hotel (which is also the route to Barton Swing Bridge on the Ship Canal), which has stood on this corner for many years, although I haven’t checked its presence there for some time.

Charlie is quite right to comment on the view from the top of the Warburton Toll Bridge, which is still going strong after many years, on a truly clear day you can see a very long way.

3 thoughts on “A Summer Evening’s Run

  1. Hm — once again I can’t seem to get beyond David’s introduction to see Charlie’s text. As I am no internet expert I always wonder if the problem is with me? (In any case, it’s worth the wait.)

  2. Apologies, I think that might have been me that forgot to put that link in. I’ll go through the rest of the posts scheduled for the winter and make sure that they are all correct and so, hopefully, avoid having this problem again.

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