The Environs of Ribchester

Bit like a history lesson today, or it could have been if everywhere they went was open, instead of being closed.  I’ll bet not many of you knew anything about the old church at Stydd, just outside Ribchester.  Neither did I.  Its full title, according to the Ribchester local history society, is St Saviour’s Church and it is dated around 1200 AD.  It stands in the middle of a field, and a writeup of its history suggests that it is in that location because the old Roman roads emanating from the local Roman camp were still in use 800 years ago as medieval roads.  It is a very small building and some authorities think the excavations carried out a 100 years ago may indicate it was built on the site of a Roman temple.

The old bridge over the River Hodder at Mytton, referred to by Charlie as being closed to the public because of its dangerous state, was an earlier pack horse bridge with stone parapets, built to facilitate parishioners wishing to worship at Mitton Church.  The stone parapets on the bridge were smashed down to allow Cromwell to take his cannon over the River Hodder.

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