Saturday, 9 May 1925 Millington

Post:    One has the feeling that his attempt to overcome the doubtful attractions of the Lady Cyclists Rally, where ever it was being held, did not pan out too well. He was under the influence of a sulk in my opinion, not like Charlie to miss a sing song, especially whilst in the company of the Wigan Wheelers  musical ensemble !  But as his depression is not described we can, once more, only wonder !

Saturday, May 9                                              Millington

The lady cyclists rally is fixed for today, and as every one who knows me in the club, knows I have a fear of such things.  There is only one function that I like to attend in May, and that is the memorial service at Meriden.  Apart from that, I hate anything that savours of a big gathering, even amongst cyclists.  No, two (Tom and I) are enough for me, a bike, and the Road – and be hanged to tea parties, dinners, concerts, pictures or anything else.  When I heard of the Rally, I simply said “I shall not be there”, and the Club takes no offence at my absence – they know I hate such things.

I wandered off on my own this afternoon, against a strong wind, and soon after I reached Atherton, I was inside my cape.  It did not last, however, and soon I was free from its encumbering effects.  In the middle of Chat Moss, I helped a youngster who had skidded, to straighten his front wheel (it was in a bad way), and seeing him off, carried on to Glazebrook and Rixton.  Crossing Warburton Bridge, I reached Heatley, then by various lanes to the Stamford Arms on the Lymm-Altrincham road, where I turned towards Millington.  I found a new and excellent tea place here – Boothbank has become unpopular with cyclists; putting motorists first, and practically ignoring cyclists does not go down too well.

I did not feel like staying much longer when a cyclist, one of the Wigan Wheelers, brought out a concertina, so I made my exit, glad to free myself from the unmelodious strains.  That club is noted for its music!  Not caring for the Altrincham road, I started back the same way as my arrival, getting home quite early.  Anyway, it has been better than a Lady cyclists Rally!                                             40 miles


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