Saturday, 3 October 1925 Astley Hall

Post:        As Charlie describes, Astley Hall is a wonderful and interesting example of an Elizabethan Hall.   A lot of history here, the owners, Chorley Council have certainly got their act together, and the cafe indoors isn’t half bad either !

Saturday, October 3                                        Astley Hall    CTC run

 I was late for the clubrun this afternoon, but meeting another, we proceeded along the main road at a goodly pace.  The day was misty, half-raining, not enough for capes, but still enough to get wet, and I would rather have a downpour than this kind of stuff.  Along the dismal Horwich-Chorley setts, my clubmate regaled me with stories of subterranean wanderings in Alum Pothole, and told me of the limestone wonders of Yorkshire.  Just past Chorley Town Hall, we turned into Astley Park – no cycling allowed – and walked to where a large crowd of bicycles lined the wayside.  Adding our machines to the array, we soon came to Astley Hall, an ancient mansion which has been acquired by Chorley for a war memorial art gallery.  It is set out inside precisely as a hall of the 17/18th century.  The club were inside.

The building shows some wonderful plaster and leather ceilings, inlaid oak and ivory chests, some quaint furniture, oak panelling, some of which is extremely rare, and a hall full of fine art and paintings.  I could not hope to explain here what we saw, and as someone gave me a catalogue, I could follow each item individually.  The Hall and grounds are worth anybody’s while to visit, and everything is free of charge.

Reaching the main road, we pottered down a lane to a place for tea between Wigan Road and this main road.  A game of football which, when the ball burst, developed into an ugly scrum, only ended when we were thoroughly waterlogged.  The return was made by the main road again, arriving home soon after 9pm.  I bet I am stiff tomorrow with this football !                 28 miles

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