Paddling Round the Fylde

Quite an interesting day this, a mixture of churchyards and floods.  The churchyards make the best reading in my humble opinion - but the floods seemed quite extensive.  As I pen these words at Christmas 2015, flooding almost everywhere in the UK is rampant and we must feel really sorry for all the residents in these flooded locations – it is a truly dreadful business.

Charlie’s occasional references to the house at Turpin Green that the infamous highwayman frequented from time to time, I just wonder whether he had family living there, perhaps even his parents, or more intriguing, perhaps a fair maid who wore a stunning perfume – I don’t suppose we will ever know.

Postscript:  I have just looked up the name of Dick Turpin on Wikipedia and Mr Turpin never came near Lancashire.  Its all a long tale, you can read it on Wiki for yourselves.

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