Lancashire Traditions ?

As life goes, nothing gets Lancastrians as excited as attending a Lancashire Potato Pie supper, or ‘Do’ as we prefer to call it.  It is not as though it is some sort of national dish, for I don’t believe people who live in the south of Britain rave about our love for Potato Pies.  Perhaps it is tied up with hard-up times in the past, when things were decidedly difficult for ordinary folks like us.  Nothing to do with the cotton trade then ?  After all Lancashire was part and parcel of the Industrial Revolution, was it not, and life got very hard for the poor hand loom weavers.  Interestingly, one of my cycling friends of very long standing actually lives in an original hand loom weavers cottage, there is no mistaking it, the increased height of one of the rooms was to accommodate the extra height of the loom.

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