Lancashire Road Club – Potato Pie ‘Do’

This is club cycling for you in the Northwest, particularly in Winter.  Such gatherings, for lunch or supper were always favourites, and in this case it was a good cause, to raise funds for the recently formed Lancashire Road Club.  The LRC was an off-shoot of the Bolton section of the Cyclists Touring Club, because the CTC didn’t ‘do’ racing, so any CTC section members wanting to race had to join a properly regulated racing club, or form a breakaway section with a separate set of rules and officials and funds, and that is what the LRC became, a racing offshoot.  It was a success, because they are a very active club to this day, Charlie flirted with joining, but the prospect of actually racing against the clock never appealed to him, and he continued to ride with mudguards and saddlebags!

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