Despite being the Charlie Chadwick books Editor, I have to confess that I struggle with our website, as some of you will testify !

However, on Sundays we have and still are following Charlie’s trips undertaken in the Spring of 1923.  Last Sunday you will have read about his trip to Beeston Castle, a place Charlie was in love with.  The following weekend in 1923 was a very early Easter and Charlie took advantage of the holiday for a 4 day tour of North Wales.  As this Easter break of his already appears on this website elsewhere (I know, don’t ask) I am just directing you to it as you may not have come across it before.  There seems little point in duplicating it here all over again, and I don’t know how to move those particular pages anyway.  To find this Easter trip, go to our Home page, go to Writings, drop down to Touring, then across and down to ‘1923’ and ‘Easter’ where you will find a very full description of his travels.  [Or click here :)]

Next week we will resume tracking his early 1923 wonderings with a visit to Copster Green, which took place on Saturday, April 7th 1923, just a week after the said Easter.

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