History at the ‘Pickering Arms’

An uneventful ride, still snowbound everywhere, and again an afternoon start.  It being a very cold day, Charlie opts for a level route and by a roundabout journey finds himself in the Warrington area, Thelwall in particular.

We learn that the Pickering Arms at Thelwall, just outside Warrington, has carved into beams on the outside that in 923 King Edward the Elder founded here a ‘cyty’, just 1001 years ago !  No sign remains of the ‘cyty’ though.  Life was simple in those days, was it not, just jog along on your horse with a few followers, have a good drink and meal indoors, maybe accommodation as well, and be so impressed, one could found a city.  Ah well !!

Here is what the Pickering Arms looks like now.

Pickering Arms - Thelwall Warrington

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