Is Charlie a CTC Runs Saboteur ?

I have to smile when I read Charlie’s accounts of CTC runs, through which a common thread runs.  That is Charlie’s rank lack of sympathy for the poor runs leader, by charging ahead whenever he can – with co-conspirators – and messing up the runs, then getting lost etc etc.  In my time as a CTC member things weren’t much different as regards all staying together on runs, but in Charlie’s day much emphasis was placed on all staying together and obeying the leader and suchlike regimentation, as can be gathered by reading about the discussions that took place at the AGM’s.  I have to say that in regard to runs discipline, Charlie was an out and out rebel.

But how about the cycling vicar ?  And Charlie gets back to his boating habits, just a week later than ignoring rowing boats at Southport.

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