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I would just like to add an historical note which is very pertinent to Charlie’s Journals, and that is that before you reach his next entry, which will release next Sunday and was originally written on July 22, 1922, he reached the tender age of 18 years old just two days earlier on the 20th of July 1922.

Which brings me to an announcement about our website.  Firstly, and we may already have let slip this change, Charlie’s written output expanded enormously after the end of July 1922, a point we are scheduled to reach in about 3 weeks time.  From then on, with very few exceptions, his day trips are much more eloquently described, which is great news for all our readers.  Secondly, In response to our questionnaire of a few days ago, the response is overwhelmingly in favour of releasing items more than once a week.  Bearing this in mind, I shall start work on scheduling more stories, all of them in midweek, so that to some extent we start to catch up our backlog, which stretches ahead for years to come.

We also now have a new contributor, Fiona Thomas, our daughter, who is busy promoting this website and all aspects of Charlie on Twitter and Facebook, and she has made a wonderful contact in Tamia Nelson, whose Florida-based website writes in great praise of Charlie Chadwick. She writes eloquently of Charlie and his literary style and I am indebted to her fulsome contribution to the memory and works of Charlie.

No date has yet been set for the increase in our website output, but probably it will be next January, which is only nine more Sundays away.  We are also looking into linking future entries with a geographical listing so that stories about certain geographical areas are all listed together and cross linked to the actual article.  Patience a little longer, please !

1 thought on “Website Upgrade

  1. More frequent posts of Charlie’s writing — bravo!

    Being more attuned to books than websites, I have only recently begun to dig up some of the treasures already buried here. I wonder if I’m the only one who has come to follow the postings faithfully but (until now, at least) failed to ferret out some of the longer and quite wonderful entries under the “Writings” heading?

    I haven’t yet worked my way back to the launch of the site in 2012, but I’m well on my way. So many new discoveries for a relative newcomer to the Charlie Chadwick website — my thanks to the editor and contributors!

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