Monday, April 2 – Whitchurch to Bolton

Awoke at 7am, and on going out discovered hot water in our doorway! Had a fine breakfast and then prepared for the bill. Five shillings and threepence! We paid up gladly. It just shows what belonging to the Club does for one. Off again on the pretty Nantwich road we sped, covering the ground in an incredibly short time. We were stopped at the level crossing for a while, and a little further on rain became evident. It soon cleared however, and after another nine miles, via Bradfield Green and Minshull we came to Middlewich where a sharp shower cooled us.

Taking the Knutsford road, we passed through some typical Cheshire scenery to Lower Peover and then Knutsford. Without stopping we ran by Tatton Mere to Mere corner, and after half a mile or so of the main road we dived into a series of bylanes which eventually brought us to Millington where we stopped for lunch. Lunch in the garden with daffodils nodding their golden heads around! And on Easter Monday too! We had a stroll around this pretty spot afterwards, and my friend took a few photographs of the surroundings including the house which is old fashioned and very picturesque. On the road again we ‘picked ‘em up’ and soon reached Altrincham. The Stretford road was well filled and ‘cyclists’ held sway everywhere. Weary youthful enthusiasts upon altogether unsuitable mounts pushed their way along, and many were the painful and ‘fed up’ looks.

At the turning for Barton I had a long chat with my friend before leaving him, and we decided to see more of each other in the near future. Then I sped along alone to Barton, Worsley and home for 5pm. Calculations showed me that I had spent just thirty one shillings and sixpence – just think, four days holiday for thirty one and six! It seems almost incredible. No cycle trouble, and 390 miles of perfect bliss for so small a sum. Surely it is worth it? Again I shall say this is my future way of holidaying. All those places and home – and more – on thirty one shillings and sixpence! Ah well, we have had a grand time – as usual, and I am already planning my next tour.

60 miles, 7 hours