Tuesday, 27 January 1925 Walton le Dale

More business!  Preston this time, so at 2pm I started beneath a cloud-wrapped sky, and with a strong wind behind, along Blackburn road to Lawson’s Arms, where I joined Belmont road.  Came a long walk to the Sanatorium, then a quick run to Belmont Village.  I had the moors to myself today, and pottered on the ‘ups’, and sped on the ‘downs’ to just above Abbey Village, where I stopped to drink the cold, crystal water of ‘Teddy Ashton’s Well’.  A rush through the village, then up, and a long down brought me to Hoghton, with far-famed Hoghton Tower on the crest of a hill to the right.  The road, mostly downhill, dumped me into Walton le Dale, then crossing the River Ribble, I climbed into Preston, and so proceeded to my rendezvous.

The business concluded, I passed out of the traffic-laden streets, and soon reached Walton  le Dale again, repairing to the ‘Unicorn’ for tea.  An hour later I rejoined the dusky road through Bamber Bridge, and along via Clayton le Woods etc to Chorley.  The wind now came into play, and coupled with the gradient and surface, severely taxed my already strained energies (the last two days have been very hard).  At length I reached Horwich, and then on smoother roads, made for home at 7.15pm.                 44 miles


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