Sunday, May 25 – Bollin Valley

I was up early this morning, for I had to meet one chap near the station at 8am.  The morning was pretty hopeless as far as rain was concerned, for it fairly pelted down.  I put on a Government cape which I had discovered at home.  It weighs at least 8lbs (4kgs).  When I reached the station, my friend had not arrived, and though I waited till 8.30, he never turned up.  Our original intention had been to have a day Lancaster way for a change, and I made a start in that direction, but owing to the rain, and being on my lonesome, I somehow wandered off towards Cheshire.  I feel more at home when I am alone or in the rain, in Cheshire.

From Four Lane Ends I sped along through Atherton, Leigh, and over Butts Bridge to Glazebury.  Now, in a particularly heavy storm I crossed Chat Moss to Glazebrook and Rixton, and so over Warburton Bridge to the old, disused church, where I had a look round, and signed the visitors register.  Next I pottered to Heatley, then took the lanes to Millington for lunch.  After lunch I gained the Rostherne road, had a look in the old churchyard (where the rain ceased) then took a footpath just missing Ashley which led me through a beautiful wood in the valley of the Bollin to Castle Mill.  Here, I lingered awhile, until fed-up, I came to Ringway, and took Brooklands Drive to Sale, Stretford, Barton and so home for tea.                                                           64 miles