Saturday, May 24 – Belmont

I decided to support the clubrun to Whitehall Lake this afternoon, so with that in view, I made my way to the Three Pigeons at 2.30pm.  Quite a number of us started along the Belmont road to Belmont, where a heavy rainstorm came on.  I had no cape with me, so I crept under a wall for the little shelter that moorland walls can give.  As it showed no sign of abating, and the club were trickling away, one by one, three of us decided that the hospitable inside of Bromilow Farm was far more preferable to a stone wall, so with one mind we darted across that river-bed-path which runs from the main road to Mytton’s.  Here we stayed for tea, then four more cyclists, the last remnant of the YMCA cycling club ride came in, and at 6pm, when the weather had cleared somewhat, two of us joined that other river-bed-path (which is even worse than the former!) to Belmont village, and soon came to Bolton, where, before parting, we made an arrangement for a run north on the morrow.  (Tom is at Wembley this weekend).  I soon reached home – 6.40 – and consoled myself with the mental vow that a cape should become a permanent part of my equipment in future.                                                                                                                 18 miles