Saturday, 16 August 1924 Turton Heights

I decided to attend the clubrun this afternoon, so I made for the Three Pigeons Inn, the meeting place at 2.30pm.  I was first there, and at 3pm there were only three of us, but we decided to carry on with the run.  The leader had not turned up, so we elected each other as leader!  We reached Dunscar Bridge, then up for half a mile, where we turned right for Bromley Cross.  The road led us downhill on to the Tonge Moor – Jumbles road.  We joined this, but missed the Jumbles turn, and wandered into a private wood.  Just then a terrific rainstorm came on, and we scampered into our capes.  The track ran out of the wood, passed beneath a railway bridge, and crossed a field to the main Turton road.  Thence to Turton.  After some hesitating, we took a moorland road which climbed over 1,000 ft, past Whitehall Lake to the Belmont – Blackburn road.  A river bed – in flood – led us to Belmont and Mrs Mitton’s for tea.  Some ‘Liverpudlians’ came in, and two more Boltonians joined us.  After tea we saw the start of the Lancashire road club ‘24’ hour time trial, had our photo’s taken, then ambled home.                                                      24 miles

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