Sunday, 31 August 1924 Lach Dennis

Tom is well again, and once more awheel.  I had to meet him today at Lostock Gralam, 10.30am.  I made a start at 8.15, and joining the oft-used route, came to Warburton Bridge.  Then as usual to High Legh, and the Gt. Budworth road.  This beautiful byway led me to Gt. Budworth, then joining the Northwich road, passed between Budworth Mere and ‘Llyn-y-Pick’.  On the hill that followed, I took it easy and partook of a little lunch.  My chain seems to have gone all at once, and was now cracking fiercely.  Tom was waiting at the rendezvous, so after a formal greeting, we crossed the Chester road, and made towards Middlewich.  At Lach Dennis, we joined the Knutsford road, and wandered into the bylanes around Peover Superior.  Then came a long run through a maze of pretty lanes around Peels Victory, crossing the Knutsford – Chelford road, and exploring all kinds of tracks, eventually reaching Styal.

Tom prevailed upon me to carry on to his place, where we could have tea (none of us were hungry as yet), and he would fix me up with an all but new chain.  So we carried on to Cheadle, then Kingsway, the new ‘modern’ road.  Meanwhile our appetite had returned, and before we saw the end of this new highway, we were heartily sick of it.  Came a sordid maze of weary streets, and when, at long last, Tom’s place hove into view, I was just about done.  The rough setts had knocked me up.  Tea put me right, the new chain was fitted and found OK, and, after a long pleasant evening, we started again. He took me as far as Piccadilly, and after a chat we bade each other good night, and I set my face towards Bolton.  Another sordid run for many miles, once in pitch darkness on a half repaired road.  I was real glad when I came to my own district, arriving home at 10.30pm.  I packed off to bed as soon as possible, but could not get a wink of sleep in preparation for my anticipated run to Snowdonia.  The result of that days ride is shown on the following pages.                                                           82 miles

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