Saturday, April 5 – Northenden

I was to meet Tom this evening, Barton, 6pm, prior to spending the night at his place.  From Barton we took the road via Stretford to Sale, turning here towards Baguley.  Between this place and Northenden we lingered in the warm twilight, in a wood where the air was sweet and fresh.  Reaching the Altrincham – Cheadle road, we made for the latter place after which we entered the long, dreary new motor road, Kingsway.  We soon got fed up with it (it is only 3 miles long, too), and joined the rough, winding old road past Hans Renolds.  Then we entered the suburbs of Manchester, and setts became predominant.  They continued to Tom’s place.  Soon after arriving, the house was littered with maps and road books, for we were planning an early start run in Derbyshire for the morrow.                                                                                            26 miles

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