Wednesday, November 7 – The ‘Old’ Route

Being another night like last, I decided to take advantage.  It was perhaps a little bit colder – or frostier, and rather foggy.  Started from home via Deane, over the ‘Snyder’ to Chequerbent, and along via Four Lane Ends to Little Hulton, then down Peel Lane to Parr Bridge, Mosley Common and Boothstown.  I was glad to walk some of the minor hills to get my feet warm, for it became bitterly cold as I rode to Worsley.  Just beyond there, I turned along an unknown lane with a horrid surface to Roe Green, and then Moorside.  Soon I reached Walkden, and the lanes towards home, giving me a severe dose of frostbite!                                                                                            25 miles, 2 hours