Sunday, May 13 – Pickmere

Today – the day after the ‘100’, rain made its appearance in large quantities, but my friend, Tom Idle (who had stayed overnight) and I decided to go on the clubrun, so we took to the road at 10am against a terrific headwind – and the rain.  At Four Lane Ends there were seven of us and at Warburton two joined and two left us.  As the rain had now ceased we decided to take our capes off, and, proceeding to Broom Edge we left High Legh behind.  At 1pm we reached Great Budworth, where, after a wash we had lunch.

A walk down the old fashioned village street brought us to the wishing well which we studied for a minute or two.  Taking the road again we soon reached Pickmere where we dumped the bikes and five of us took a boat out.  The lake was surprisingly rough at one side and with the splashing of the oars we were soon thoroughly soaked.  What fun we had!  Returning after one and a half hours we found that another had joined our ranks and together we proceeded in the rain to Millington via Over Tabley and Mere.

Here the two who had left us rejoined us and later three more arrived.  After tea another came up.  More fun – until we were politely hinted to quieten ourselves.  Starting back with capes on we soon reached Altrincham where the sky cleared and we had it fine for the rest of the way home.  Now and again on steep gradients I could feel the effects of yesterday.                                           Time 11 hours    Distance 70 miles

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