Wednesday, March 14 – Winwick


          Starting about 3.45pm, in a cold wind and none too promising afternoon, I pushed along to Atherton and Leigh via Four Lane Ends.  The roads around here are none too good, and coupled with the ‘towny’ view, one is glad to get beyond these places.  Coming to Lowton I turned into a side lane and soon came to Winwick, where I decided to have tea.  In the kitchen of a little cottage I ate my fill, and after a smoke before the fire I took the road to Warrington.  I have horrid memories of the previous state of the road, and I was overjoyed at seeing it thus repaired, although I don’t suppose it will last. 

From Warrington came a gentle potter to Lymm, via Thelwall, a hurried dash past Broomedge then a steady speed to Dunham, Bucklow Hill and Altrincham where I lit up.  Since turning round in Warrington I had had a troublesome breeze blowing me back, but as I turned for Barton, at Stretford, it fairly carried me along and soon I was beyond the Ship Canal and making for home, arriving back at 8.30pm.

45 miles, 5 hours