Saturday, March 10 – Brockholes

I was twenty minutes late this afternoon, and meeting a lady member we proceeded on together towards Belmont.  At the top of the village they were all waiting, 22 all told, a fine muster on a fine day. Just beyond Hoghton we turned right to Roach Bridge Mill, up a steep hill, then down via Brockholes to Salmesbury on the bank of the River Ribble. As only half of us could sit to tea at once, so we – the others – had a game of football in a field close by. We found that football in cycling shoes does not improve the ankles. Came a wash, tea, and a walk by the bank of the Ribble to the old church wherein we had a very interesting look round.

Originally built in the 12th century it was rebuilt in 1549 and again restored 26 years ago.The old pews still remain, and besides a beautiful stained glass window and several monuments is a chained bible of the 15th century. It is printed in old English. A large three decker pulpit embossed with stars form an interesting feature of the place, and we were shown the alms chest with five locks – a key being placed in each of five trustee’s keeping, and the old draw bolt to fasten the door. This is 440 years old and is built into the wall. Returning in the dark via Walton le Dale we traversed the weary road to Chorley. A plunge into the lanes and we came to Horwich and thus home. I had to walk the last half mile – puncture! So was spent a pleasant afternoon.

41 miles, 7.5 hours

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