Saturday, June 2 – Southport

June seems to have wrought a wonderful change in the weather, and instead of the cold, strong, bleak east winds of May, a mild westerly breeze cooled us as we made towards Chorley in a hot sun, three of us.  At Chorley we turned left, and swept downhill to Euxton from where, by shady winding roads we reached Croston.  Just beyond here we turned down a bylane which eventually gave way to a footpath ‘Closed to Cyclists’.  Of course, we walked ! – at least we only rode slow.   A pretty bit of scenery was passed before we reached the main road again near Tarleton, at which place we took the direct road to Southport.

A little farther on we came across an upturned charabanc in a deep ditch with its occupants strewn all over a field nursing minor injuries – luckily.  After a while we started again for we could do nothing and soon reached Churchtown and Southport.  After a wash and tea we disported ourselves about the marine drive for an hour.  Starting back at 7pm we returned the same way and with the slight breeze behind us we made excellent progress, picking up another man en-route.  At Adlington I punctured (as usual), and near the Crown my tyre blew out.  A new inner tube.  Arrived back at 10pm in the twilight.

Time 8 hours, Distance 66 miles

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