Sunday, 28 January – Liverpool Road

Started out at 6pm, and pushing against a high wind, reached Atherton and Leigh.  Turning down Deansgate, I ran over Butts Bridge to Glazebury.  At Culcheth a squeaking sound caused me some trouble, for, though I hunted up and down I could not discover the cause.  Meanwhile it grew worse, and after some time I located the position.  It was inside the steering column.  I did not like it for it seemed to suggest a fracture, but I had to put up with it.  After running through a farmyard I reached Liverpool road, and twenty minutes later I was entering Irlam.

Near Patricroft the road is in a very bad state, and for two miles I was bumped about unmercifully.  At length I reached Worsley, and taking a short cut through some awfully dirty lanes, I arrived back just on 10pm.  As soon as possible I will find out the cause of the squeaking, for even if the bike is sound, the noise is undesirable.

35 miles, 4 hours