Sunday, February 25 – Inglewhite

Started at 3pm this afternoon to follow up the club and reach the above in time for tea. Rain had fallen until now, but as I reached Chorley the sun was shining and all was bright. At the Bamber Bridge level crossing I was held up by a train for 20 minutes, and it was about 5pm when I reached Preston. At Broughton I turned right at the Shuttleworth Hotel, and plunged into a series of winter-garbed bylanes, characteristically with their sharp bends and sudden dips. Then as I neared the snow-capped hills – or fells – I came upon Inglewhite, a primitive, pretty little place, centred round a green and an old cross. I had a little hunt for the place before I was comfortably ensconced within, and before long was enjoying a good tea. A dozen members were there already and after tea the fast pack came in from Kirkby Lonsdale.

At seven-o-clock we left – well half past for me, as I had lamp trouble. At Walton le Dale three of us caught the rest up, and the nineteen of us started back via Belmont. It was a glorious night, moonlit and a little misty, but this soon dispersed as we climbed higher on to the moors, and we were treated to a wonderful view of the snow outlined hills. This must have given us an idea. Five of us who were ahead scrambled up the steep hill above Abbey Village, and getting a great pile of snowballs ready we waiting in formation across the road.

On they came in peace, fourteen of them, all unsuspecting, then – they were walking of course – a cloud of snowballs, shouts, and in a twinkling they had taken up the challenge, rushed their bikes out of the way and started a battle. What a fight we had! For twenty minutes we pelted each other until we were perspiring freely. Continuing our journey, we soon reached Belmont, where we refilled with carbide etc, and then, after a glorious run, we reached home about 10.30pm. This club is about the breeziest thing I ever struck, and my only regret is that I cannot see them more often.

58 miles, 7.5 hours