Sunday, February 11 – Walton le Dale

Today I was troubled with ‘Bedpullitis’, and therefore too late to attend the CTC run to Higher Hodder, so I decided to join them at Copster Green for tea. It had been raining all day and it was no better when I started at 3.30pm. I couldn’t locate Copster Green on the map, so I was a bit hazy as to the right place. Just after passing through Belmont at a height of 980ft the rain ceased and I had a wonderful view of breaking clouds over the moors.

At Hoghton, it started again with renewed velocity so I sought shelter at a CTC Inn in Walton le Dale. Strains of music were issuing from the dining room as I entered and I had tea to the latest songs provided by a large body of cyclists. Thus I became introduced to the Wigan and Atherton Wheelers, with whom I spent a pleasant hour. Starting back at 6.30, I soon reached Chorley and Horwich, where I got more rain, and thus home for 8.30pm. How we find the advantages of being in a club! The badge makes friends everywhere.                                                                   41 miles, 5 hours