Saturday, February 3 – North Cheshire

Started alone at 1.50 with a terrific breeze pushing me home!  A doughty struggle against the wind fairly kept me busy and at times it was all I could do to keep moving.  Shambling past Four Lane Ends I ultimately reached Leigh and then Lowton.  Turning left opposite a big hotel I sidled along to Croft and Winwick.  After passing through the bottleneck of Warrington I crossed the River Mersey and along by some tramlines to Knutsford Road bridge on the Manchester Ship Canal.

Hugging the canal side I reached the locks and then left the waterside near Thelwall.  I passed the Pickering Arms, the history of which alludes to Thelwall as a dead city.  Running through Lymm I came to Broomedge, where I turned right for High Legh.  After that I got bewildered in a succession of bylanes which landed me on the Warrington Road near Mere.  Through Rostherne to Ashley and then to Hale I sped.

Here a mishap occurred.  My lamp front came away from the rest of the lamp and after tying it back on I rode home with an exposed flame which so dazzled me that I came off twice.   Home at 8.15pm                                                                      58 miles, 6.5 hours