Saturday, December 15 – Thelwall Brook

Decided this afternoon that I would turn out with the Club, for the first time since July 21.  At Four Lane Ends there was a large crowd, and at 2.45, twentyone of us started.  We took the paved road through Atherton and Leigh to Butts Bridge and Glazebury, and so on to Glazebrook, arriving on Warburton Bridge in time to see a large ship, the ‘Port of Manchester’ passing beneath the bridge.  Continuing, we soon reached Lymm, and then Thelwall.  After tea, I ‘landed’ a nice position in front of the fire.  Our humorist discovered a drum of carbide, and from then we were subjected to a series of awful ‘stinks’, which pervaded the whole atmosphere.  At 7.30 we started back following the outward route.  From Warburton to Leigh we had a terrific argument about politics, which only ceased when I skidded and bent a crank.  We arrived back in Bolton at 9.30pm.                                                                                                                                                50 miles, 7 hours