Sunday, April 29 – Wildboarclough

Unsuited to the club runs, two of us decided to go off on our own, so, as arranged, we met at Four Lane Ends, 9am. At evens we sped along Salford road to Walkden and Barton. Stretford and Chorlton were left behind, and soon we reached Cheadle. Calming down, we rode easily along Wilmslow road. Near Handforth who, of all persons should come up, but Mr Tom Idle, my friend of the Easter tour and the Rudheath run. After various exchanges of welcome we rode on together. At the Bluebell beyond Handforth, we turned left for Macclesfield. Threading our way through the bylanes we avoided Prestbury, and coming on to the Stockport-Macclesfield road we travelled for a mile or so until the byroads again swallowed us up. Reaching Bollington, we climbed through its steep streets into the open country beyond. About one and a half miles along we stopped at a wayside Inn for lunch, but we had arrived before opening time so had a walk around Bowerclough.

Then followed a leisurely lunch and after a chat we took the road again. This was only a moorland bylane and so steep that before we could mount we had risen to 1,200ft. The view was glorious from here. Now we were dropping swiftly and round perilous bends, in one place a Roman road joined ours, in another a fairy glen was passed through and the last hill, a gradient of 1 in 6, reached 1,321ft.  Here we crossed the Buxton road with the Cat and Fiddle Inn in the distance.


Dropping downhill we entered Wildboarclough, and along three miles of level ground we easily surveyed the pretty dale. Up a road that got on to its hind legs, we now walked, arguing fiercely over road formation. Soon we reached Macclesfield, and after a while entered the lanes for Alderley. The Edge was exceedingly pretty but tea called, so we rode on to Alderley Cross for tea. After tea came a stroll down the road under ideal summer conditions. Taking the bylanes again, my friend punctured.  After going through several gates we reached Styal. On the way to Cheadle my lamp broke and I had to put it away in the bag. At Cheadle we left our friend Tom and by way of a change it started to rain.  At Didsbury I bought a lamp and lighting up we proceeded home via Barton, Worsley and Moses Gate, thus completing a wonderful day at 11pm.

85 miles, 14 hours