Saturday, April 7 – Copster Green

I have neglected the club lately, so I resolved to go on today’s run. Wonder! I was at the meeting place ten minutes before time. A terrific wind blew us up to Belmont road and we soon reached that village where a count was taken. We numbered 21. A little further on my back tyre expired and after an exhaustive search we discovered the trouble. Two of us proceeded to ‘follow them up’, and didn’t we move. Along that rutty moorland road to Tockholes we flashed, missing the right turning in our hurry. It needed twenty minutes to reinstate ourselves. Through a strange assortment of byroads to the main Preston-Whalley road and we were soon near our goal.

Clayton-le-Dale and Copster Green from the Bonny Inn, Salesbury

We caught some of the stragglers up here, and we rode on to Copster with them. After tea we retired for a game of football, but we gave up in favour of rounders – for the ladies. Lighting up, we started back against the wind. We returned the same way as our outward journey, so dark was it that we had to slow down and almost feel our way. We gathered together at Belmont preparatory to breaking up.  From Belmont we had a fairly easy run home, arriving back at 10pm.

46 miles, 7.5 hours