Saturday, September 30 – Trafford Park

We decided on an afternoon at Castle Mill, but as we reached Worsley rain began to fall. Not that we cared, we had capes, but a newcomer to cycling was with us, and he had no adequate covering, and oh, at Walkden, My Pal’s Tyre Expired, joy! At Barton, the rain persisted, so we decided to have an hour in Trafford Park. Arriving at a select eating establishment, we ordered tea. We had heaps of fun in here, and we left reluctantly with the rain coming down harder than ever. Thinking of our protégé, we started back the same way. Our understudy was a little slow – which of course can only be expected, but in a few weeks time we will have him fit for anything. He has got the spirit, for he arrived back wet through but he was smiling – he didn’t care. We arrived home at 6.30pm.

20 miles, 3.5 hours