Sunday, November 19 – Glossop

My pal had an errand to go to in Glossop, so I accompanied him. Along the main road from Bolton we jogged and after a dreary eleven miles, reached Manchester. Turning along Blackfriars road, we missed the turning to Stalybridge, so ran on towards Stockport. From here we joined Hyde road, and after a terribly bumpy climb we came to Gee Cross. We were now fairly amongst the hills, but there was little scenery to get excited about, so after some time we dropped through Mottram. Now along a well populated valley, under a railway viaduct, and we were entering Glossop.

Walking a long hill, we came to Charlesworth, where the errand was. After some narrow, twisty, lanes we reached a cottage by an old bleachworks. The chap in charge took us round. Two of them, had got an 8 ton cylinder (a bit like a boiler) out of its bed, and brought it into the open, lifting it without jacks to 3’ 6” high. Its more than I would do. After about an hour we started back over the moors for Stockport, this was one redeeming feature of the run, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. An exciting rush down of four miles or so, brought us to Compton, then uphill for a mile and some miles of cobbles to Stockport, then via Cheadle Hulme to Didsbury, and so on to the usual route home at 7.05pm.

58 miles, 8 hours