Saturday, July 22 – Thelwall and Lymm

We had made arrangements for Chester this afternoon – a flying visit, so starting at 2.15 we took the somewhat roundabout road via Barton and Flixton. Just about a mile from Lymm however, my pal punctured, and partly that and a certain slackness on our part we gave it up, and decided to take it easy. Running through Lymm we came to the Bungalow tea gardens, and procuring hot water we went into the grounds for tea. After tea I went for a walk round the adjoining woods whilst my pal was reading a ‘blood’. In this way I spent a pleasant two hours, afterwards both of us gathering an enormous bunch of flowers, and tying them on the lamp brackets we started towards Warrington.

At the Ship Canal we were delayed by a large freight ship, the ’Claro’, and then after a lot of sharp bends in Warrington we gained the Irlam road. Near Warburton we turned left for Leigh. Pottering along at anything from 6 to 16 mph we came to Leigh, and after feeding ourselves, pushed on home, arriving back at 10pm.

45 miles, 7.75 hours