Saturday, August 19 – Chelford and Knutsford

I felt strangely indisposed – like the weather – when I started this afternoon. I only went for an hour or two, and I knew that it would put me right. Through Barton to Davyhulme where I took the Flixton ferry across to Irlam. Then along to Warburton, where I succumbed to the lure of the road. Crossing the bridge, I made for Broomedge, and at three thirty I was leaving Altrincham. Again I turned off for Northenden, via Styal, and in due course reached Handforth. Turning off for Knutsford, but not on main roads, I stuck to this for a few miles, but having a mania for bylanes and tracks in Cheshire, I was soon pedalling to Chelford. The weather, like me, had now brightened up, and leaving Chelford I was soon riding through a verdant valley to Peover and Knutsford, five and a half miles away. By devious means I reached the latter place, and then turned towards Altrincham.

At this point my tyre started going down. I speedily reached Stretford, but one mile beyond the tyre expired. It’s no great joy mending a puncture by lamplight, but it got repaired after a lot of trouble, and I proceeded on swiftly. Just beyond Barton, I stopped for lunch at a supper bar, and thus refreshed I scooted home for 10.30pm.

73 miles, 8.5 hours