Tuesday, April 11 – Chorley

Good luck has not been a point with me this year, but nevertheless I have so far managed a mean mileage. Today was a washout. I had promised to have a run with a friend this afternoon so accordingly we started at 2pm. There was no wind, so we made a fair speed up Chorley New Road and on to Chorley itself. Just entering the town, my chain took evil advantage of me, giving a convulsive wriggle, and snapped. Taking it to a repair shop, we received a mild shock, the chain couldn’t be repaired, it was one of the old type a one inch pitch block. We then started to ‘hoof’ it back. Riding down and walking up we came to a side lane where we ate a frugal lunch.

After about half an hour we trekked back to the main road, where I spotted a motor lorry. This bore me swiftly to Horwich, where I was ordered off. There is some use in ‘hanging on’ after all. As I was struggling along my friend caught me up and together we essayed to repair it with some wire. It did not last long. Walking and riding alternately, I arrived home at 6.15pm.

25 miles, 4.25 hours