Wayfarer’s Centenary Ride Saturday 30th March 2019

The Rough Stuff Fellowhip’s ex Chairman, Steve Griffith is organising a ride over the Nant Rhyd Wilym in the Berwyn mountains in North Wales on the above date.

Anyone wishing to attend is invited, if they can, to bring an vintage bike to add to the flavour of the day and the atmosphere, but any bike will do.  You can arrive in fancy dress if the weather permits !!

The point of contact for Steve Griffith is his email address: griffith531@hotmail.com  

It is also an opportunity to see the Wayfarer ‘Over the Top’ memorial stone erected at the summit by the RSF in 1957.  If you wish to read the actual story written by Wayfarer and published in 1919 then go to the site here:

www.cyclingnorthwales.co.uk/pages/wayfarer.htm#home      When I looked it up my firewall suggested it was not a safe site, but it seems OK except some of the pictures are missing.

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