Update to very old News

Some of my readers will be familiar with the fact that I have over the years tried to find out about the background of Charlie’s very good friend Tom Idle, they were bosom pals between 1922 and 1932, when Tom Idle married a welsh girl called Blodwen in Llangollen and went to live in Wales.  I have recently engaged a genealogy expert who was able to take matters a little further.  Tom and Blodwen eventually moved back to the Manchester area, but never had any children, so the trail does run cold.

However in the last few days – January 2020 – I have seen an old letter to Charlie from Bill Berry (Billberry of the We.R.7) written in the 1950’s from an address in Clifton near Bolton.  Billberry lived at Dixon Fold which is just on the outskirts of Bolton.  He writes to Charlie to say, amongst other things, that he and his wife have just had a visit from from Tom and Blod !  He then goes on to say that if he had a wife like that (meaning Blod) he would put himself away.  Then he rambles on to say that money is the root of all evil etc etc, the impression I gained was that whilst Tom and his wife had done well financially it had not improved them.  But I would still have not been able to resist visiting their children were they to have had any.

So really the connection between Tom Idle and the We.R.7 was still there but perhaps not in spirit.  And Charlie I know, would not have been impressed at all by wealth. And that completes the gossip for this month !!    There is some other good news, I have decided to tackle another of Charlie’s photo albums and it will be serialised here after the 10th of May 2020.

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